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Founded by Mrs. Vandana Luthra in 1989, VLCC is a pioneer in skincare, beauty, and wellness services. With 310 locations across 11 countries, it's a trusted brand for holistic beauty solutions delivered by science.

Leveraging scientific advancements, the center offers a comprehensive range of treatments, including beauty and skin treatments, laser therapies, dermatological solutions, and weight loss programs. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to holistic well-being, VLCC Wellness Center empowers individuals to achieve their desired beauty and wellness goals.

Our Services:- Beauty and skin Treatments, Laser, Dermat Treatments, Weight Loss Program, Etc

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Clinic opens at 10 : 00 AM in the morning and closes at 07 : 00 PM in the evening

  • Customers can book their appointment from our website or call us on our toll free no.
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Neha Sharma

"VLCC's Cryolipolysis is a game-changer! Comfortable treatment, love handles disappearing, and a boost in confidence. Thanks to VLCC, I've achieved my body goals. If you're considering it, go to VLCC – they're the best!"