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Hair Colour

Revitalize your hair with VLCC's expert color services! Say goodbye to grey, or white hair with our specialized Root Touch Up, Global Colour, and Balayage/Ombre solutions. Our skilled professionals ensure a vibrant transformation, restoring your hair's natural beauty and leaving you with renewed confidence.



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Experience VLCC Hair Color Services Today


VLCC knows how much hair colour can boost your confidence and style. That's why at VLCC, we­ offer some amazing hair colour services to not only change your hair but also make your unique be­auty stand out! Here are some­ great reasons to try VLCC's amazing hair colour service­s today:


Vibrant And Natural Shades


When it comes to hair colour, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why our experts know how to whip up hair color for hair that perfectly matches your skin tone and vibe. Whether you want a low-key tweak or a big change, we've got just the hue for you. And don't worry about damage—our natural formulas keep your hair healthy while delivering stunning results.

Expert Consultation And Customization


VLCC ensures you get special care whenever you visit for hair color for hair; our expert stylists talk with you first. We aim to understand your style needs, lifestyle, and hair condition before suggesting colors. Whether highlights or balayage are your picks, we craft a personalized color plan specific to your hair type and preferences. We ensure it exceeds your expectations.


Advanced Skincare Infused Formulas


We understand the significance of nourishing both your hair and scalp for optimal health, which is why we've infused our hair colour mixes with extra nutrition. Our formulations are enriched with a blend of natural hair color ingredients and special skincare components, meticulously chosen to pamper both your hair and scalp.


Each session with us not only revitalizes your hair's hue but also enhances its health, leaving it noticeably smoother, shinier, and more manageable. Bid farewell to frizzy, lacklustre hair, and embrace vibrant, stunning locks courtesy of VLCC's hair and colour expertise!


Precision Application Techniques

In our salon, achieving that sought-after salon look isn't solely dependent on premium skincare hair products; it's equally about precision and expertise. That's why our dedicated team of VLCC hair color specialists undergo continuous training in the latest techniques to impeccably apply color while maintaining the health of your hair. Whether you're concealing grey hair or embracing a bold new style, our team ensures flawless results with every appointment, making us your go-to destination for all your hair care needs.


Convenient Accessibility


Life can get really busy sometimes, but don't worry because we are here to make coloring hair a bre­eze! VLCC salons are conve­niently located eve­rywhere, eliminating long commute­s, and our flexible scheduling allows you to choose­ suitable times. Say no to stress and ye­s to effortless hair colour services with VLCC!



VLCC deeply values making everyone feel incredible in the unique look, and that's why we offer various hair color services near me, helping you effortlessly achieve your ideal style. Whether you desire bold hues or expert guidance, we dedicate ourselves to exceeding expectations, ensuring you have an amazing experience with the final results.


Visit your nearest VLCC salon today to get an ideal hair transformation that'll leave you smiling amazingly and find the perfect hair colour near me.